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Over forty million adults in the US struggle with anxiety (ICD-10 mentions it under the code F41.9), and women are more likely to be diagnosed with it than men. Anxiety comprises extreme worrying and accompanying symptoms that last at least six months and disrupt a person’s everyday life. 

Fortunately, it is possible to treat and manage it by using different methods. Medications and psychotherapy are the first-line treatments for anxiety. To boost the effect, self-help techniques can be used.

Instead of clicking a pen or tapping fingers on a table, using anxiety rings provides an easily accessible, affordable, and discrete way to achieve anxiety relief. The rings distract and calm the person. Let’s learn more about them.

What Are Anxiety Rings?

Anxiety rings are used as a coping mechanism during the onset of anxious feelings. In such moments, it’s helpful to engage in a stress management activity to relax. A physical object like a fidget toy, stress ball, or anxiety ring helps to refocus thoughts and attention in a positive direction. 

Anxiety rings are also known as:

  • Spinner rings
  • Worry rings
  • Fidget rings for anxiety
  • Magnetic rings
  • Meditation rings

Anxiety Rings Have Unique Designs

Worry rings come in various designs to suit diverse personalities, preferences, and styles. One common factor is that they all have movable parts. Some have a middle to twirl around, others are two embedded rings whereby the top ring spins, and some have beads that can slide back and forth.

Some rings may also emit a subtle hum or light vibration when spanned. The calming vibration controls overthinking and relaxes the mind. Whenever a person experiences anxiety, they are to concentrate on rolling, spinning, or twisting the movable part of the ring.

The History of Meditation Rings

Anxiety rings, it’s believed, originated from ancient Tibetan Buddhist meditation tradition hundreds of years ago. The culture used rolling cylinders made of unique stones placed in temples. When someone rolled the cylinders, two metals would grind each other to provide meditating and calming effects. Monks used the rolling cylinders to recite prayers and treat people with various issues. The practice inspired the creation of spinning rings.  

In the past, rings for anxiety were known as worry rings. Whenever a person was worried, they would spin the upper movable layer of the two embedded rings. The action would induce a deep relaxation feeling. In the recent past, fidget rings hogged the limelight in 2017 as an item working well for stress relief and eliminating nervous energy. With time the ring transitioned from its original meditation ring to a fashion trend, but the primary use persisted as it helped to settle minds. 

How Do Anxiety Rings Work?

People respond to anxiety in different forms. The reactions to the apprehensive feelings bring about activities like:

  • Walking back and forth
  • Tapping the fingers of both hands together
  • Clicking a pen repeatedly
  • Tapping surfaces with an item or the fingers
  • Chewing the lower lips or fingernails
  • Bouncing legs up and down
  • Turning an item repeatedly in the hands 

Anxiety increases stress hormone (cortisol) levels, leading to pent-up nervous energy in the body. Anxiety rings provide an outlet to release this energy, lowering cortisol levels and providing a viable distraction that helps calm the anxious mind.

A fidget ring comes in handy as the person starts to use it at the onset of the nervous reactions. The ring distracts the mind and expands nervous energy. When the person spins, presses, or pushes the movable parts of the ring, the activity signals the brain to refocus. The activity calms, relaxes, and refocuses the mind. 

For a fast calming and relaxing effect, it is advisable to use worry rings alongside other techniques such as deep breathing, yoga, meditation, listening to relaxing music, or physical activities. If the symptoms seem to stay for too long, it may be a good decision to try online anxiety treatment and get help from a mental health professional.

Benefits of the Fidgety Rings

Anxiety rings have several benefits and advantages:

  • Help to refocus the brain and manage stimulation and nervous reactions.
  • Are easy to use and accessible.
  • Are discrete and do not attract attention like some stress management items such as stress balls. 
  • Can be personalized with unique features and positive memories.

How to Enhance the Benefits of Anxiety Rings

Below are some ways to enhance anxiety rings’ benefits:

  • Associate the ring with positive thoughts and experiences. A person can use the ring as a reminder of memorable moments and events.
  • Whenever anxiety arises, move to a relaxed and calm place with the anxiety ring to ease anxious thoughts and feelings. With time, the experience unconsciously relates the ring with calmness and relaxation.
  • Use the ring when anxious symptoms arise. Please do not wait until it is an extreme situation. The habit will prevent the progress to a pathological level of the disorder. However, if the symptoms are persistent or severe, consider taking an assessment for a generalized anxiety disorder or a social anxiety test to get professional help.

Do Anxiety Rings Work?

The primary purpose of the anxiety ring is to use it as a preventative measure to combat anxiety and panic attacks. When pushed, spanned, or rolled, it distracts a person mentally from dreadful and apprehensive thoughts.

Anxiety rings for women and men can help refocus the brain. However, the fidget rings are not an alternative to seeking professional consultation and treatment. Taking medications like Zoloft for anxiety on doctor’s advice or attending therapy sessions can be a good choice for building the foundation for becoming mentally fit.


For those looking for a variety of anxiety rings, Amazon can be a good place to find a suitable option. Though anxiety rings might seem delicate, unique, stylish, and attractive, they are not just a piece of jewelry. The ring is an essential item to help manage the symptoms of anxiety disorders. Using an anxiety ring is a popular technique to calm and ease anxiety whenever worrying or panic arises.

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