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We live in a fast-paced world. As a result, stress seems to be a normal phenomenon in today’s world. Stressors are inevitable around us every day, and it seems there is no escaping them. Work, relationships, family, economy, etc., are common and potential sources of stress.

Since it is pretty hard to escape stress, one needs to find helpful ways to cope and live with it. While some people resort to various vices like binge eating, smoking, alcohol consumption to cope with stress, it is not recommended. These habits only relieve stress now but provide no long-term solution.

As a result, one needs to consider a natural and reliable approach to beat stress. This article will shed light on seven natural remedies you can try today to relieve stress:

1.   Laugh

One cannot be in a happy mood and be anxious. Laughing is a natural remedy that immediately relieves stress and anxiety. It is beneficial to stress relief in many ways:

  • It can trigger muscle relaxation, which relieves tension
  • It brings down the stress response.

Besides, laughing also boosts the immune system and upgrades the mood over time. Also, laughing therapy has improved recovery and response to treatment in patients.

2.   Consider CBD

CBD is one of the gifts of nature to humans that comes from the marijuana plant. It doesn’t make the user high since it doesn’t have THC. Rather, humans can gain some health benefits from CBD, including anxiety and stress relief.

You can use CBD in many forms. It is available as oil, pills, and you can even vape it. According to this study, CBD has incredible potential to reduce stress and anxiety. Indeed, trying CBD Genesis to reduce stress and anxiety can prove helpful.

3.   Spend Time with Animals

Getting a pet is another proven way to reduce stress. Humans have always craved companionship, and pets can offer this in many ways. According to research, pets can be helpful to people with a series of mental health problems, including anxiety.

Playing with your dog while it stares at you with its big blue adorable eyes can instantly lift your mood. Stroking the hairs of your pet (dog, donkey, horses, cat, etc.) can be incredibly soothing. It is not surprising that some animals are used in assisted therapy to boost the recovery period and reduce anxiety, stress, and depression in some patients.

4.   Meditation

Generally, humans are stressed because they are carried away by things beyond their control. Humans get worked up many times due to past issues or things we hope to do in the future.

Meditation seeks to bring our mind to the present, away from the worry and stress that characterizes our anxiety. This explains why people get still, focus on their breath to meditate.

Thankfully, you can meditate in other ways like using guided meditation, walking meditation – paring your steps with your breath and focusing on it.

5.   Prioritize Sleep

Anxiety and sleep are directly linked. As a result, if you don’t sleep well, your stress and anxiety level will likely hit the roof. Research at the University of California revealed that inadequate sleep triggers a similar mechanism in the brain that makes one prone to anxiety. The study further revealed that parts of the brain in charge of emotion regulation also reduce stress and are sensitive to sleep loss.

As a result, strive to enjoy optimum sleep. For those dealing with difficulty sleeping, consider natural herbs like lemon balm, chamomile, etc., which can help. A warm glass of milk before bed, a cold shower, etc., can improve sleep. You can also reduce gadgets some hours before bedtime, reduce caffeine intake, reduce noise and light interference in your bedroom, etc.

6.   Use Lavender Essential Oil

The lavender essential oil has been used thousands of years ago. It is a pretty popular essential oil available in many parts of the world with a series of health benefits. 

The essential oil can help improve sleep and also alleviate anxiety and depression. In 2013, scientists discovered that consuming an 80mg capsule of lavender oil can relieve stress, depression, and sleep disorder.

In addition, you can also inhale lavender oil as it’s used in aromatherapy. Such action has a calming effect on the nerves, relaxing you and fighting anxiety. 

7.   Exercise

Exercise is one of the most effective things you can do right now to relieve stress. Working out not only tones the body but triggers the release of endorphin – the feel-good hormone. In addition, working out puts pressure on the body, resulting in mental calmness.

Working out also reduces the effect of the stress hormone – cortisol. With better exercise, you have a better chance of managing and coping with stress. Optimum exercise improves sleep, making it a good option for not sleeping due to excess anxiety.

Your exercise plan need not be elaborate. It can be as simple as going for a walk, taking a jog, cycling down the road, and many others. The idea is to break some sweat and get your heart beating fast. Once you are consistent with it, your mental health will experience significant rewards.


Stress can limit the quality of one’s life and set the pace for many health issues. This makes it essential to look for positive ways to manage stress.

This article has explored seven reliable and natural approaches to relieve stress and anxiety and get your life in order again.

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