There are many ways counselors and therapists can help their clients. Thus, there are various types of counseling professionals depending on their specialty. Moreover, counselors can work in different institutions such as hospitals, rehabilitation centers, schools as well as maintain their own practice in one of numerous subfields.

This article should help you learn more about main types of career in counseling such as marriage therapy, family counseling, career counseling, substance abuse therapy, educational counseling and some more.

What is marriage counseling?

Marriage counseling usually brings partners together for joint therapy sessions. It is aimed at helping couples to understand the roots of their conflicts and to resolve them. This type of counseling focuses on analyzing both good and bad parts of the relationship and thus strengthen bonds between individuals. Couples counseling can also be used by those who plan to get married. In this case, it can be beneficial for partners who want to have a deeper understanding of each other and iron out the differences between them in order to find a balance in relationship.

Once you’ve decided to gain new skills that help strengthen your
relationship, the first step to make is to google ‘marriage counseling near me’. Then find a counselor to set regular meetings and work on your close relationship by developing communication and problem-solving skills. Relationship with your spouse may start improving just after a few therapy sessions. On the other hand, you may reveal that differences between you two are implacable, so it would be better to end your relationship. Anyways, each of you can benefit from marriage therapy by discovering more about your reactions and behavioral patterns in the relationship.

What is the purpose of family counseling?

Family counseling is used to address any psychological problems that affect family functioning and well-being of its members. This kind of therapy is used to help family members go through difficulties, major changes, or mental issues in order to achieve a healthy life.

In terms of family counseling , individuals’ problems are viewed in the context of the whole family. Family therapists argue that personality issues cannot be resolved without understanding the dynamics of the group one lives in. Family functioning influences the way in which client’s problems are formed and how they are enabled by other family members.

Depending on the client’s problems, family therapy can use techniques from cognitive behavioral therapy, interpersonal therapy, or any other types of therapy. Family therapy can work on mental disorders of family members, issues that arise from generational differences, problems that stem from misunderstandings due to mixed cultural or religious backgrounds and many other issues.

When to use career counseling?

Career counseling can help to identify specific career goals and stay focused on them while taking needed steps towards meeting those ambitions. It helps to make important career choices at any stage of a professional path. 

One should turn to a career counselor when choosing a career, recovering from a layoff or just trying to function more efficiently at work. If numerous job applications don’t give a callback, a career counselor can find out what causes those rejections. Sometimes people get stuck at a certain point without knowing how to move on. In this case, career guidance may help to find your place on a job market. Moreover, during major professional changes one also needs a counselor to make a job transition easier.

Who turns to rehabilitation counseling?

People who suffer from mental, developmental, or emotional disabilities can turn to a rehabilitation counselor to have a better life quality. Even if a certain condition can not be treated with rehabilitation counseling, some necessary interventions can be made to improve individual’s living. Rehabilitation counseling can not only help with functional impediments, but provide psychological and social support for those who are dealing with addiction issues, grief or trauma.

If you feel that you need this kind of help, you can ask a healthcare professional ‘How to find counseling near me?’ or just to try online counseling. Rehabilitation counseling can definitely help those who have disabilities in achieving self-confidence and independence in different aspects of social life.

What does a mental health counselor do?

Mental health counseling is aimed at assisting people in achieving emotional wellness. Mental health counselors work with various psychological problems with a specialization in a certain area, like trauma or addiction. They can diagnose individuals with symptoms of psychological distress, provide psychotherapy, group sessions, or work with clients on developing and implementing a plan of treatment.

Moreover, mental health counselors can resolve social issues, such as bullying, peer pressure and stress at a workplace. The work of these professionals is mostly clinical, but they can be employed at hospitals, inpatient facilities as well as at rehabilitation centers.

What is substance abuse counseling?

Substance abuse counseling involves treatment and support for individuals who want to recover from drug or alcohol addiction. Typically it’s a part of rehabilitation programs for people who deal with substance abuse problems.
Substance abuse counseling may include talk therapy sessions, developing positive coping strategies and gaining skills necessary for recovery.

Educational Counseling

Educational counseling is aimed at providing academic and psychological support for students as well as facilitating their success. This kind of counseling can be applied to resolve various issues, such as bullying, peer pressure, abuse, personal growth concerns, conflicts, anxiety and poor stress management. .
Forms of educational counseling include individual sessions as well as group sessions (e.g. workshops or campus activities). The main goal of educational counselors is intervention of any student difficulties that is reached through regular collaboration with school staff and psychologists. Educational counseling helps students set and achieve their goals and get desired outcomes.

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Anton Kurapov

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