What does detoxing your life mean?

Most people take in absolutely anything in their path like a sponge, which is quite exhaustive. To protect your mental state and live your very best life, you should detoxify it of anything and anyone that doesn’t leave you to feel good and supported. Life detox is aimed at giving you a solid foundation upon which you can thrive. Once you let go of everything that doesn’t support you, you will feel full of refreshed energy.

If you sometimes feel lost, don’t know what your next step should be, or there is so much going on around you that you don’t know how to find yourself again, you should cleanse your mind by removing everything that is not helpful for you from your life. Life detox is the thing that can guide you back to your authentic self.

How to detox your life step-by-step?

1. Start journaling. Find an hour or so a day to journal all the people. places, things, and commitments that don’t feel like they nourish you and support the way you need it.

2. Try to identify precisely what exactly you are to detox from in your life. You ask yourself questions about people who leave you feeling tired after interactions with them, places that make you exhausted, and commitments that make you feel drained or depleted. 

3. Take intentional actions to get rid of identified people, things, and activities in your life. Think of what you can let go immediately.

Svitlana Drach

Svitlana Drach

Psychology4u.net team member

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