Today, technology is firmly embedded throughout all our daily activities. It makes an impact on the way we communicate, learn, and think and plays a vital role in our lives. For sure, technology helps society and determines the way we interact with each other in certain aspects. It allows us to meet people all over the world, understand other cultures, keep and strengthen family relationships.

However, it may also have negative effects on us. For instance, it can make us overly stressed, distracted, and isolated. Although most of us are involved in many relationships through technology, typically the big number of these associations are superficial which makes us feel empty. Very few of us think critically about the new social realities and their impact on each individual. So let’s consider both positive and negative effects of technology on society.

Social networking sites made it easy to find long-lost friends and reconnect with them. This is an amazing advantage for a society where people are quite mobile and family or friends are geographically separated. Technology makes it possible to keep in touch with loved ones that are far away and create meaningful relationships with them through sharing our lives with each other.

Also, technology helps overcome a sense of isolation that people may experience in their own community or family. It helps to meet someone with similar interests, hobbies and pursuits.

On the other hand, one of the most common problems associated with technology is loss of privacy because anyone can reach to you at any time of the day. Also, excessive use of technology can lead to addiction. People get absorbed by the Internet reality and may neglect their real everyday life.

Moreover, it may cause narcissism as excessive interest in one’s appearance is often manifested on the web. So instead of using technology as a tool to develop meaningful relationships, people sometimes use it to show off their popularity. In addition, when it comes to being social and making face-to-face contact, people may feel a negative impact of technology as they lose interaction skills.

Some individuals also notice that they don’t have enough time for themselves because they are always in contact with someone online.

But another positive aspect of technology is that it affects learning. It helps people engage better with the material by making learning more interactive and collaborative. Moreover, it gives them better access to resources 24 hours a day. Modern students can take online quizzes and exams as well as learn at their own pace.

Today, classrooms don’t have physical boundaries anymore which makes learning more fun and convenient.

No doubt technology has a profound impact on social life. It shapes the way we think and act in our rapidly changing world.

Svitlana Drach

Svitlana Drach team member

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