Histrionic Personality Disorder is a specific mental disorder, which usually appears due to the pathological need of a person in constant attention from the people around him or her. The hysterical disorder is considered to be a disease that manifests itself in demonstrative behavior and a person’s need for attention and positive assessments of others. The first symptoms occur in childhood and persist for life.

Contemporary psychotherapy is used to eliminate personality disorders. The potential patients can undergo treatment for mental disorders in specialized clinics, which usually use traditional methods of psycho-correction and innovative developments in psychiatric practice. All in all, hysterical psychopathy refers to personality disorders. Its typical manifestations are egocentrism, a constant desire to have much attention from others, demonstrative behavior, and infantilism.

Up to the present moment, following the statistics, symptoms of pathology are detected in 3-6% of the world’s population. It occurs equally often in men and women. People with a hysterical personality disorder may not seek medical help. Pathology often does not affect their professional life, and they can achieve success in creative activities. However, in some patients, psychopathy progresses lead to negative consequences such as divorces, loss of property, loss of friends, and relatives.

In general, those with a histrionic personality disorder are most likely to display dramatic, attention-getting behaviours.

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Symptoms of histrionic personality disorder

The main symptom of the disease is the lack of the patients’ awareness of the difference between the real and unreal worlds. Such people, both men, and women perceive reality exclusively through the prism of their interpretation. Most persons with a hysterical type of thinking lose their objective perception of the world over time, and therefore, it seems to those who are around them that they lie a lot and continuously pretend. Sometimes such thoughts also arise in patients themselves concerning their actions and experiences. Patients with a hysterical disorder may over-emphasize some events and completely ignore others.

Moreover, following the experts’ points of view, such patients do not show interest in persistent work. They are characterized by superficial life with elements of ostentation. Besides it, one of the main signs of a violation is the patient’s strong desire to attract the attention of other people to his or her personality.

The Main Causes of Histrionic Personality Disorders

Proponents of the psychodynamic trend in psychiatry believe that this disorder appears because being a child, the patient is forced to face an unhealthy relationship in which cruel and tyrannical parents make him, or her feel unnecessary and helpless. These factors may cause a particular fear to be rejected. Trying to get any compensation for the hidden fear of loss, such patients have learned to dramatize the situation, creating various crises that encourage others to take care of them.

The contemporary adherents of the cognitive direction indicate that among people with this pathology, many patients have increased suggestibility. They also suggest that the more developed the patient’s egocentricity and emotionality, the less ability he or she has for receiving information about events that occur around. As a result, the person has to rely on intuition or other people’s points of view. Moreover, the experts are sure that the patients, who are suffering from hpd disorders are confident that they cannot take care of the own fortune, and therefore, they are continually looking for those who will take care of them.

Sociocultural theorists point out that such violations are based on the fact that the current society forces modern people to draw attention to their personality by giving their appearance theatrical features. In such a way, a significant amount of contemporary men and women try to obtain the approval of the others. Experts emphasize that the dominance of such values can contribute much to the development of nervous and narcissistic disorders.

Histrionic Personality Disorder Test

A good question is how to define whether a person has a histrionic personality disorder? In addition to analyzing symptoms (if present of course), people like to understand whether they have a tendency to develop any disorder. For psychologists, a very good assessment includes tests that are based on questionnaires and self reports. But it does not concern cases when you need to find out more details about histrionic personality disorder. Only professionals may identify the presence of symptoms through the interview. So you cannot go online and define whether you do have a disorder.

How to Deal With Someone With Histrionic Personality Disorder?

Histrionic Personality Disorder Treatment

The diagnosis can be made by a psychiatrist based on the patient’s abnormalities. In the process of talking with the doctor, the patient is offered to undergo several histrionic personality disorder tests, according to the results of which the specialist concludes the presence or absence of this disease in a person.

Following the specialists’ points of view, this disorder is difficult to correct, as quite often, such patients make their adjustments to the treatment process and even apply seduction techniques. Moreover, patients may report that the specialist has been able to normalize their condition only to make them happy. Psychotherapeutic treatment is aimed at ensuring that persons with such a disorder cease to feel helpless and begin to think more rationally under the condition when it is necessary to solve any problems. The need for drug treatment arises only in those patients who suffer from depression.

Some Easiest Ways to Prevent Histrionic Personality Disorders

To prevent the development of HPD, it is recommended not to hide the emotions inside and try to share the feelings or pleasant impressions with others. According to a histrionic personality disorder case study, prevention of the disease should take place in early childhood and adolescence. Here is the list of the easiest ways to prevent them:

– the family should create a friendly and supportive psychological atmosphere;

– parents have to explain to the child how to interact with others and perceive their personality correctly;

– after the moving or changing the educational institution and situations accompanied by stress, a child psychologist may work with the child;

– it is necessary to help the child in determining the future profession.

If a person has already had a hysterical personality disorder, then prevention is aimed at preventing its transition to the stage of decompensation. Following the experts, it requires eliminating any stressful situations, taking drugs and alcohol, as well as ensuring a positive relationship with loved ones.

Unfortunately, the problems of histrionic personality disorders are considered to be rather popular among the representatives of contemporary society. As it is known well and proved by the specialists, they cannot be treated completely. However, there are a lot of simple methods that can help to prevent them in early childhood. Modern parents should obey them, and everything will be okay with their children. 

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