In 1968 Jay E. Adams formed the Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation (CCEF) that promoted a faith-based approach to treating mental health conditions. By the 1970s, this form of psychological counseling started gaining popularity and became one of the most commonly used therapy options for Christians.

The basics of Christian psychotherapy

Christian psychotherapy is focused on the care of personality, body, soul, and spirit. While counseling, Christian therapists stick to the values taught in the Bible. Their goal is to help clients get back a sense of hope for their life. The main aim of Christian psychotherapy is to help people have a deeper understanding of themselves and God, which is achieved through making an individual aware of the sin that has caused suffering and explaining their immense worth and value to God.

It’s important to note that Christian therapists are guided not only by the values and beliefs presented in the Bible but also by the ethical rules of the law, DSM-V as well as APA regulations.

Christian psychotherapy can be practiced by counselors, religious leaders, pastors, and clinical social workers with a master’s degree or Ph.D. in counseling, psychology, or another mental health discipline. 

Christian psychotherapy services

Marital issues

Christianity doesn’t encourage divorce when a couple faces marital problems. Christian psychotherapy offers another alternative, which is working through problems together with a partner in counseling. 

Christian counseling helps to deal with various marital issues, such as loss of intimacy, conflicts, communication problems, and so on. This approach helps to fix broken relationships and rebuild trust.

Parenting problems

Raising children is not easy as parents face many ups-and-downs. Frequent frustrations are a normal part of parenting, hence Christian counseling is recommended to make this experience easier. 

Christian therapists can guide parents so they can better deal with mental issues, learning disabilities, eating disorders, or bullying problems of their children. Counselors also help parents relieve psychological pressure related to raising children.

Dealing with mental illnesses

Christian counseling lets people with mental illnesses express their feelings in a safe environment and provides support for them. A therapist also helps patients suffering from depression, anxiety, PTSD, or OCD get much-needed comfort and solace. 

With the help of Christian psychotherapy, such people can accept that they are Children of God and they deserve to be loved just like everyone else.

Going through grief and loss

It may feel for some people that the grieving period after the loss of a loved one will never end. The grief might be so deep that it gets almost impossible to find the Light of God without someone’s help. 

In this case, Christian psychotherapy can help an individual accept the reality with a loss, remember and honor the loved one, accept reality, and go through the pain.

Coping with addiction

A Christian counselor can also work with those who admit they have a problem with drugs, alcohol, or gambling. If anyone seeks help to beat addiction, they can turn to Christian psychotherapy and get a chance to change their life. This might be a great way to deal with deep issues that could trigger the addiction, like childhood trauma, emotional abuse, or low self-esteem.

Christian psychotherapy sessions are aimed at strengthening personality so one has the power to overcome addiction.

Strengthening faith

The world is so dynamic now that it often makes people lose sight of faith. More and more individuals become absorbed with daily life pressures and can’t feel the connection with God. Numerous stressors may push faith to the side, but it’s possible to get it back with the help of Christian therapy that provides practical tools used when one feels lost.

Find a Christian therapist

While choosing a Christian therapist, you need to make sure that he/she has the proper training, license, and enough experience. Pay attention to the therapist’s spiritual beliefs, as they must align with yours.

Ask yourself if you like his/her personality and approach because it directly influences your relationship that is crucial for the therapy’s effectiveness.

Don’t get discouraged if it takes longer to find the right therapist for you. Remember that it’s better to take your time than to rush and choose a professional that doesn’t suit you.

Christian marriage counseling near me

If you’ve realized that you really need the help of a Christian marriage counselor, the best way to find it near you is to use web directories (such as,, etc.) or ask people you trust for recommendations. There are numerous resources on the web offering brief information about different counselors, so you can first get acquainted with them, and only then ask for an appointment.

Final thoughts on Christian psychotherapy and spiritual health

Christian psychotherapy combines the principles of psychology and faith. This approach applies Scripture and Biblical teachings for dealing with life’s challenges. This form of therapy is focused on maintaining spiritual health, which is generally characterized by the capacity to love other people and the ability to accept love from them. Spiritual health also involves an ability to experience happiness, spread joy, take care, self-reflect, empathize, and forgive.

One can turn to Christian therapy if they experience problems in relationships, psychological distress, or grief. This form of psychotherapy can also help with low self-esteem and self-confidence, mental illnesses, substance abuse, and many other psychological issues. 

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