On January 30, 2020, the World Health Organization declared an emergency due to the spread of a previously unknown species of coronavirus outside of one country. It was discovered on December 12, 2019, in the Chinese city of Wuhan. Currently, cases have been identified in 24 countries, with a significant amount of infected worldwide. Up to the present moment, following researchgate.net there have been a lot of myths about this kind of disease. Today we are going to dispel the most typical of them. 

Coronavirus Was Created in the Laboratory

Where do the viruses come from? – This is a question, which modern people are interested in. As a rule, the not knowing is a perfect background for various kinds of rumors and delusions. Nowadays, there are many men and women who believe that this time it is an entirely new disease unknown to humankind. However, it is not true. All in all, coronaviruses belong to the particular medical category together with other banal pathogens of SARS. Are you usually too serious about ordinary colds? Up to the present moment, by researchgate.net there are 300 different viruses, and following the specialists’ points of view, every seventh case of SARS is just a coronavirus. About 20 years ago, the doctors were sure that they could not cause significant harm to humans. However, the situation changed much in 2002, when one of them mutated and caused the SARS epidemic, and another one, MERS, did it ten years later. Both cases, as well as the current mutation (strain 2019-nCoV), have the same feature. – They all can damage the lungs. It is the main danger, but fortunately, many infected people recover without any circumstances.

Those who are Ill Have a High Risk of Dying

Everything is known by comparison. For example, if you type “Pay someone to write my research paper” in the Internet browser, you will get a lot of various links. Some specialists will be qualified, like, for instance, the representatives of paper4me.com, other will be poor, but you can understand it following the result. According to WHO, the death rate from Ebola is 40%, MERS is 35%, SARS is 10%, and diphtheria is 5% (but 20% among preschoolers).

Is influenza a deadly disease? Every year, even during quarantines, parents continue to take their kids to trade centers and various entertainment facilities. Many people use medical masks and vaccinations. Besides, it should be mentioned that the general flu death rate in the world is 6%. Some regular patients are trying to get pneumonia on their feet. Everybody has a risk of getting some complications of SARS. Only 4% of sick people die worldwide. 

Coronavirus is Highly Contagious

On the one hand, the virus can be transmitted during an incubation period of 7-14 days. That is, a person who does not have any symptoms of the disease can transmit the virus to others. On the other hand, it is smoothed by the fact that the virus is transmitted not so easily: it can be infected with close and prolonged contact. Those who haven’t approached the infected people closer than a meter are not affected.

Therefore, it is worth keeping a distance from people with colds, as well as those who returned from China less than two weeks ago.  It should be mentioned that on average, if the person has a coronavirus, he or she is to infect three people around him or her. It sounds scary. – However, in practice, measles is six times more inflectional. These rates are higher in the case of mumps and smallpox – 7, HIV – 5. In the case of coronavirus, they are the same as for flu.

Children are in Particular Danger

Certainly, it could be a real challenge for babies and toddlers to get sick like this. However, coronaviruses (and this one is not an exception) are much less likely to affect children. Up to the present moment, only less than ten cases of infections of those people, who are under 14 years old, have been reported to become ill. Some of them even have not had any severe external manifestations of the disease.

The contemporary specialists have already found out that the elder the people are, the higher the risk to get it they have. 80% of coronavirus deaths are people of retirement age. Three quarters also had severe chronic health problems like, for example, asthma, diabetes, or various kinds of cardiovascular diseases.

A Pandemic May Occur

This popular comparison is considered to be unprofessional one among the specialists. Why? – They are sure that there are no substantial reasons for thinking like that. After reading some articles about Spanish flue, ordinary people usually try to compare these two kinds of diseases. It is nothing but a mistake. The peculiar feature of the Spanish flu was the ability to infect men and women with strong immunity (95% of the victims). Patients suffered from their defenses. – The virus spread so aggressively and quickly that the immune response was too great, which meant a huge amount of toxins. Besides, the virus was transmitted much faster and easier. Following the historical documents, in four months, the severe Spanish influenza-infected a third of the world’s population. Current coronavirus does not infect like this. 

Increased Measures are Introduced Only in the Cases of Emergency

Nowadays, the attention of people all around the planet is focused on what is happening in China. The government has already established the quarantine, few men and women go outside, everyone is in medical masks, the police representatives measure the temperature and forcibly take more and more locals to the hospitals. Taking into account the behavior of the authorities, it is possible to conclude that everything is awful. – However, also it is recommended to take into account that China is a densely populated country, where any virus can harm the economy. Fast response is the only way to control the situation. Moreover, Chinese citizens are always very careful in following the instructions of doctors and the government.

It is Necessary to Wear a Medical Mask Everywhere

Under the condition you have some symptoms of the illness, it is recommended to wear the mask to protect others. However, at the same time, it should be mentioned that the medical mask does not protect you from getting any virus. Following psu.edu coronavirus can infect the body through the conjunctiva of the eye or droplets of the saliva of the infected person. As a rule, it happens during a conversation, sneezing, or coughing.

You will Have Immunity After the Illness

Unfortunately, it is not true. Under this condition, immunity is not produced. Actually, it is a typical mistake, like, for example, the search of professional paper writers through the Internet, when people are sure that if somebody posts the ads about this kind of service, he or she is a specialist a priori. 

Some Special Protection Must Be Applied

While the vaccine is not available, safety measures are traditional: wash hands thoroughly with soap, avoid close contact with people with symptoms of SARS, and increase immunity. If you have a cold at home, you can ventilate and do the wet cleaning more often. Following academia.edu in China, even those who have been infected in the family have successfully defended themselves, disinfecting all the chlorine solution, and common items (switches, door handles, gadgets) have been wiped with medical alcohol or quartz. On things, the virus lives from minutes to hours. Even ordinary washing of things with warm water destroys the coronavirus. Do not forget about the sun’s rays. Even in the best conditions for the virus – humidity, darkness, lack of fresh air – it lives no more than five days.

Anton Kurapov

Anton Kurapov

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