Have you already noticed that there are successful people in both personal and professional life? Well, we are almost sure that you are going to answer positively. Indeed, you have. These men and women do really exist in the life of every representative of modern society. What is so special about them? – Following the specialists’ points of view, most likely, the matter is in their high emotional intelligence, which is the ability not only to determine their own and others’ emotions but to manage them as well.

What does an “emotional intellectual” do? – It helps to guide the feelings and emotions of others properly. By professionals, high emotional intelligence is an ability to know how to determine sadness from irritation, anger from resentment, etc. accurately. It manages emotions, including them in the solving problem process. Besides, this ability can neutralize too strong emotions. All these things are significant both at work and at home. Would you like to learn these qualities? – It is quite possible. – Just focus on the features of the character of people with high EQ.

Saying “No!” to Perfectionism! as a Marker of Emotional Intelligence

Being a modern perfectionist means doing tasks well and achieving your goals successfully. At the same time, most perfectionists can fall into procrastination and panic before starting any business. They are afraid of fruitless searches, as the only thing they need is a proper answer, the existence of which is quite impossible. Thus in practice, it happens that all people, both men, and women, with high EQ, are not perfectionists al all. In practice, they understand that absolute perfection does not exist, and that is the reason why they prefer to move on under any conditions. In the case they make a mistake, they correct it and draw appropriate conclusions for the future.

Inner balance and general harmony as a Sign of Emotional Intelligence

Under the condition you are working all around the year nonstop, you will not have time for paying close attention to your emotions. This ignorance will inevitably add some unnecessary stresses and similar health problems to your personal life. Emotionally smart people find their business to be an essential and essential part of their life. However, at the same time, they never forget about funs and pleasure as well. For instance, if they need not get in touch with the surrounding world and their close people for several hours or even a weekend. They never hesitate to do this. Why? – The matter is that they feel the moment when their inner world asks to “recharge the batteries.”

Changes are Always Positive for People with High EQ

Instead of fear and constant hesitations, emotionally smart people try to demonstrate an acceptance of the fact. One day they understand that any changes may be an essential part of their life. Following the specialists’ points of view, any fear of change moves contemporary people far from a success, so the best thing we have to do is to adapt and have a plan of action for all occasions.

Concentration as Part of Emotional Intelligence

People with high EQ cannot be distracted easily from the everyday tasks they need to perform. They do not like being disturbed. As a rule, being focused on work, they try to do it carefully and do not want to be distracted either by SMS or by their extranous thoughts. Concentration is the basement of their success. Successful people with a high level of emotional intelligence prefer to work hard and then to relax. They never mix these states. 

Empathy as an Element of High Emotional Intelligence

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Empathy is one of the five foundations of emotional intelligence. Following the modern specialists’ points of view, the ability to interact with others, to show attention and empathy in the case of necessity, to find time to help other people nearby is a fundamental component of emotional intelligence. Being empathic, emotionally developed people are interested in other people and easily make new acquaintances, winning the trust much easily. 

Strong and Weak Features of Character

Emotionally intelligent people know what they are good at and where they have a weakness. At first sight, everything is distinct. However, they not only accept their strengths and weaknesses, but they also know quite well how to use these qualities of their own when working with certain people in a specific situation. Following the specialists, this ability can help much in achieving the set goal both in private life and professional career.

Strong Personal Inner Motivation

Let’s talk about your childhood. Did you belong to those boys or girls who were coming to their goals despite all the obstacles, just being a stubborn and hard-working young person? If your answer is yes, it correspondingly means that you are a person with high emotional intelligence. As a rule, people like you do not need any diplomas and certificates. They require knowledge and experience. They come to school, not for appreciation, but skills. Such perseverance is considered to be an essential feature of emotionally smart people. 

Never Looking Back to the Past as an Emotionally Intelligent Person

All in all, people with a high level of emotional intelligence just do not have time to think about their past sorrows or misfortunes for a long time. Why? – The matter is that they are busy looking for the best opportunities for the future. They do not allow the mistakes of the past to poison their lives with negative emotions. They do not accumulate resentment in themselves. Self-digging and stress are considered to be a severe obstacle to progress and development.

Thinking of the Good as a Feature of High EQ

Emotionally smart people more often devote their time and energy to solving problems than floundering in the constant negative. They are looking for something positive in any situation and are doing what they can control in practice. Moreover, they always try to communicate with other same positive people and not with whiners.

Inviolability of Emotional Borders

Being polite and empathic, emotionally smart people can set clear boundaries and restrictions between them and other representatives of modern society. For example, they can say no if they do not like the situation or its circumstances. Why do they do it? – In practice, such kind of behavior protects them significantly from unnecessary overload, odd burnout, and any kind of stresses. Saying “no” to new requests, they free themselves for the high-quality fulfillment of their earlier obligations.

Which Emotional Intelligence Trait Tends to be Empathetic?

One of the integral elements of EQ is the ability to recognize other person’s emotions. As we know being empathetic means to understand ‘state of mind’ or emotions of other people. In other words, it’s the ability to “put oneself into another’s shoes’, or somehow experience the emotional state of another individual. So empathy includes such EQ element as emotions recognition. Empathy involves emotional awareness and high ability to understand what other people want or need.

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