Psychologist is a trendy profession among school graduates today. However, how much does such a specialist earn? What is a psychologist salary? – These questions don’t have a precise answer. Nobody will tell you the single amount, because in practice the salary of a psychologist  depends on many factors. Consultations with a psychologist who has been working in the field of psychological counseling for a long time will help you make an approximate calculation of the potential counseling psychologist salary (or any other one).

Average clinical psychologist salary

To understand the principle of the psychologist salary formation, pay close attention to the ways of remuneration. Its main options include the ‘product pieces’ and time consumption. Consider the following examples. When a manager arrives at the office, he or she works an average of 8 hours, totaling 40 hours per working week. Based on this time, they receive a fixed sum of money. Under this condition, regardless of the amount of work done, the level of the income does not change. An alternative way is to work as a tutor. The specialist finds students and gives classes. In this case, the salary directly depends on the number of students and the lessons that have been held.

Looking through these two examples, it becomes clear that the salary of a school psychologist, as well as child psychologist, can be both piece and hourly-rated. If a person works as an HR specialist or a corporate psychologist in a large company, then his or her earnings are most likely fixed. How much does this specialist earn in the USA in this case? It depends on a company and a contract. If a specialist conducts private practice, the exact earnings can be determined only after the end of the reporting month. The final results are affected by the number of clients and sessions, types of consultations, and other factors.

What affects the average salary of a clinical psychologist

Another important factor of a psychologist income is a qualification level. There is a demand for competent specialists in any field, so amateurs and so-called book psychologists without education can never compete with them. This motivates specialists to attend workshops, read professional literature, get additional education, and improve their knowledge. Therefore, to provide high-quality services, do not neglect professional development.

When calculating what, for example, a counseling psychologist salary is, you should take into account the region of residence. In the capital cities the standard of living is higher than in small towns. Therefore, the prices for psychological counseling will be higher. The cost of counseling is also affected by demand, which is higer in large cities. The more people want to get psychological help, the higher the price of a session is.

An auxiliary factor affecting the psychologist salary is advertising and marketing. The use of suitable communication channels, skillful work with the target audience, targeted actions, and other promotional events improve the image of the psychologist and create an additional stream of clients.

The best way to find out how much psychologists are paid is to consult with such specialists. Talk with private and corporate professionals, ask them all questions, and get straight answers. As a result, you will understand that earnings are different, and there is no unified income; moreover, that a psychologist in a kindergarten earns much less than a specialist in a large international company.

The psychologist salary prediction

For psychologists who work in public institutions or private companies, salaries are indicated in the advertisements about job vacancies. The actual amount may vary depending on the experience, qualifications of the specialist, his or her compliance with the requirements of the vacancy. In their turn, the salaries of private specialists depend on the number of sessions held minus all actual expenses (office rental, electricity, etc.).

In the USA the income from good psychologists significantly exceeds the average salary in the United States. According to statistics, over the past 50 years, the number of specialists in psychology  has increased by 40 times, which  confirms the relevance and high income of such specialists. The average American has 20-30 sessions a year and spends $1,500 for psychologist services. If the client needs psychoanalytic therapy, then the amount will be even higher.

Various job search sites are excellent sources to find out how much psychologists earn. To do this, visit specialized sites, select the specialty “psychologist” and the region. Based on the offers, it is possible to get an idea of the income. Besides, these resources regularly conduct statistical research, for example, on the average salary in a country, region, occupation, etc.

How to improve private practice clinical psychologist salary?

If you want to earn more money, there are some recommendations for you.  The first thing  to do is to explore different services and to investigate the range of capabilities. The specialist with a good reputation and feedback will always be in demand. All in all, there are some ways to improve the financial situation. 

Counseling as a part of private practice

Counseling psychologist salary is comparatively large and stable. Individual, couple, or group consultations are the most demanded forms of work of a psychologist. At the same time, some specialists work exclusively with couples, children, people in business, or even addicted people because they specialize in certain problems.

However,  remember that you will not have stable earnings. At the same time, the benefits of such an activity are even more significant: the specialists are not dependent on others, they are not subordinate to the superiors, they independently plan their working hours and choose clients.

Consulting (in private companies)

Many large companies hire staff psychologists on a one-time basis to support their employees and help them avoid severe stress and other personal problems. Advising clients as a corporate psychologist does not differ from ordinary counseling, but has its nuances.

Conducting workshops or corporate courses

These can be seminars on self-development, managing emotions, etc. If the specialist can independently develop a course and its program, then he or she will be able to offer these services individually.

Writing a book

Writing a book may be a new kind of activity for you. First of all,  choose an exciting topic and disclose it based on your experience.

Statistics of the clinical psycologist salary

Following the most recent Occupational Outlook Handbook published by the specialized American Bureau of Labor Statistics (abbreviated BLS), the average salary for the specialists of this sphere is about $70,580 per year.

However, the actual salaries usually differ greatly all along the territory of the USA. They are always based on the field specialization, as well as location (in cities people earn much more than in the countryside), working experience and some other factors. A specialist employed at the American family services will earn about $81,160 per year. Office employees usually get about $92,130 annually. The salaries of experienced specialists of this sphere may reach $109 000 per year.

In general, the profession of clinical psychologist is in the list of the best-paid in the USA. 

Anton Kurapov

Anton Kurapov

PhD, a professor assistant at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. Fascinated by the role of psychology in lives of people and simply astonished by the complexity of the brain and its functions.

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