The Coronavirus pandemic has dramatically impacted employment since a lot of companies are experiencing difficulties with running their business. As many firms have been forced to close their doors and let go of the part of their staff, people are facing challenges when searching for a job. In times of uncertainty when the whole world is put on lockdown, job seekers find themselves in a difficult situation. But still, there are some tips that can help find a good position and keep climbing a career ladder.

Keep searching

Don’t stop sending your CV and polishing your resume during the pandemic. Make them mirror the industry you are applying for to capture recruiters’ attention and get positive results. Even if your dream company has temporarily stopped candidate search, chances are they will need to fill a position after some time. Send recruiters an application and don’t forget to follow-up and ask if they have received your message.

Also, you can use some freelance opportunities available on the job market. Luckily, there are many websites where you can find freelance and remote offers today. Just give it a try and reach out to recruiters on those websites.

Take advantage of social networks

It’s really essential to build your network and lean into it during the pandemic. You can do it by becoming an active LinkedIn or Facebook user which allows you to get access to a goldmine of connections, tips, and job opportunities.

Keep updating your profile regularly, message new people, engage with the community by taking part in discussions and sharing useful content. Remember that networks were created to get help or a piece of advice. Social media is a great way to connect with potential employers and find a position that fits your profile and interests.

Get recommendations

Reach out for some recommendations that can put you above the rest of the other applicants. Recommendations give employers a great understanding of how other people see you and what you are capable of. They can be written not only by your previous managers but by college professors too in case you haven’t had any work experience. This practice will definitely help you in getting a job even during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Use technology professionally

Naturally, video and phone calls are the way that most companies conduct job interviews today. Get comfortable with that and make sure that you use your gadgets professionally by checking all of your settings in advance.

Find a clear spot to video chat from and treat video interviews the same as in-person ones. If you cannot choose a spot with an uncluttered background at home, use a virtual background. Prepare for your interview as you would if you were meeting a manager at the office and be ready to go five minutes early.

Anton Kurapov

Anton Kurapov

PhD, a professor assistant at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. Fascinated by the role of psychology in lives of people and simply astonished by the complexity of the brain and its functions.

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