Up to the present moment, effective management of the company, as well as the successful development of the private business, is impossible without a qualified psychologist who is participating actively in the organizational process. As a rule, a specialist in the sphere of organizational psychology is involved in many aspects of the manager’s communication with subordinates. Besides, he or she is responsible for personnel work and monitors the state of psychological microclimate in a team.

Moreover, normalizing working situation among employees is a part of the organizational psychology. Organizational psychologist provides the essential psychological support for the management team and may develop tools for managing the enterprise. Thus, this specialist always needs a certain amount of knowledge in the field of economics, management, and marketing

Specialist of Industrial Organizational Psychology: Responsibilities

Often an organizational psychologist has the duties of a personnel manager or helps HR specialists to organize the process of recruiting candidates in a proper way. An experienced specialist in the industrial organizational psychology develops a unique system for assessing future employees to identify a candidate who is most suitable for all psycho-physiological characteristics. 

In general, many factors are taken into account, even psychological compatibility, temperament, interests, etc. Sometimes psychologists ask questions that openly confront the person since they do not belong to the proposed activity. Still, it is an in-depth knowledge of psychology that allows them to choose the right person.

In addition to recruiting activities, a specialist in industrial organizational psychology is responsible for resolving industrial conflicts and helps employees correctly assess the situation and make the only right decision. An organizational psychologist helps employees to relieve accumulated stress, to understand personal problems that indirectly affect a person’s labor productivity. To increase staff motivation, this specialist psychologist develops competent strategies that the head of the enterprise applies when managing people. The help of this psychologist is invaluable even in difficult times of reorganization or during internal rearrangements in the structure of a company.

Getting Industrial Organizational Psychology Jobs

The specialty of organizational psychology  touches on the awkward moments of human communication as well as the behavior in modern society in general. Therefore, such a specialty will be exciting for people who are open-hearted and communicative, for whom it is not difficult to find a common language with a total stranger.

The desire to help people and a sincere interest in the problems of others can be an excellent basis for the decision to get a psychologist’s education. 

Over time, the typical approach to building a business and managing companies will hang dramatically. Therefore, psychologists are becoming more and more in demand, especially since a psychologist can be educated in the capitals in many higher education institutions. However, it is recommended to pay attention to the fact that industrial organizational psychology salary depends on many parameters, the main of which are the quality of education and the work experience. Thus, newcomers should not expect to get a lot of money from the very beginning. 

Following the experts’ position, the successful work as an organizational psychologist requires a lot of knowledge in legal, economic, and managerial disciplines. In the process of training, students of high educational institutions are taught to organize the assessment and certification of personnel accurately, put into practice the knowledge gained, conduct psychological pieces of training and staff training. This is a rather complicated specialty, and it is not enough to get a psychologist’s education; you still need to become one.

Motivation, professional and personal development of the specialist are the essential duties of an internal psycho-trainer. The list also includes monitoring the psychological state of employees. A psychologist of the industrial organization provides various kinds of training in competent communication, conflict resolution skills, and effective teamwork.

Organizational Psychologist and Psychological Counseling in the Organization

The effectiveness of the functioning of any organization depends not only on the level of its organizational culture and the optimality of decisions made but also on the quality of its implementation. The last one, in turn, is determined both by the qualification characteristics of employees and their personal qualities, as well as the psychological climate of the organization and its structural divisions.

Naturally, the management of the individual and interpersonal aspects of performing activities requires specialized psychological knowledge and skills. Unfortunately, up to the present moment, in the vast majority of organizations, managers do not always have specialized psychological training. It is nothing but a common mistake, as following the experts’ points of view, these functions should be performed by a professional specialist in the sphere of industrial organizational psychology. 

The organizational psychologist is a specialist in the field of human resources management, psychological support of management activities, and the psychological foundations of marketing. He or she works in the field of process consulting. Process consulting is a method (style) of counseling aimed at conducting systemic changes in the organization. Its essence is that the consultant, working with individual employees and / or groups of the company, helps them understand the personal, interpersonal and group processes in the organization and learn how to solve problems that arise during these processes.

For help to process consultants, organizations turn when it is necessary to improve, efficiently organize, or establish business processes in the organization. By business processes, it is essential to understand the activity of transforming resources into products and services, including management, coordination, information transfer, and decision-making models. Moreover, it is the organizational psychologist who knows the theory of activity, industrial organizational psychology and labor psychology, management psychology, and engineering psychology who is best suited to advise the organization “by the process.” The key to the success of a large company is the competent use of human resources. Motivated employees interested in brand promotion work more efficiently and better.

The psychologist in the organization usually works in the following areas of counseling and support. Recruiting, conducting interviews, castings are the spheres of this person’s activity. Moreover, the specialist in industrial organizational psychology draws up special tests and questionnaires, as well as conducts personal interviews with applicants. This allows him or her to determine the personal and professional qualities of a potential employee, as well as the level of his or her stress resistance. Moreover, it should be mentioned that conducting meaningful business negotiations can be much more effective if the company representatives first undergo professional psychological counseling. Marketing goals, company promotion is thought to be a professional approach to creating a brand advertising campaign that allows you to take into account the psychological aspects of consumers. This, in turn, increases the effectiveness of advertising (marketing).

The position of a specialist in the sphere of industrial organizational psychology in various kinds of organizations with a large staff is especially relevant. The most representative institutions are banks, insurance companies, trading companies, industrial enterprises. Creating a positive working environment, timely resolution of conflict situations, building commitment of company employees can increase overall profit, and bring the organization to whole new level competitiveness.

Anton Kurapov

Anton Kurapov

PhD, a professor assistant at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. Fascinated by the role of psychology in lives of people and simply astonished by the complexity of the brain and its functions.

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