Follow your intuition. This seems like an easy concept to grasp when making important decisions, but that’s not always the case. This is especially true because we live in a fear-based society. We’re constantly terrified of the unknown and we do everything within our means to avoid unpredictable disasters. We often rely on our five senses to perceive and interpret information. It’s an exhausting way to live, and it can lead to chronic anxiety and stress.

When we have a big and life-changing decision to make, many of us look outside ourselves to seek answers. We turn to Safari and Google. We ask our friends and family for advice. We read books and consult with mentors. But what we often fail to do is look within ourselves. 

But what if there was another way? Can we rely on our intuitive abilities to guide us to our highest paths?

We are all equipped with an intuition that is true and powerful enough to lead us to our true path, whatever it may be. Whether you develop it or not, that is up to you. 

Your subconscious mind is a hidden source of power and light that will always provide you with the answers you need to move forward in life. Relying on your intuition means trusting your gut feeling. It’s a “knowing” or a gentle push that something is off, amazing, or needs our attention. It’s a subtle and gentle voice, but when we listen to it, we can unlock our limitless potential.

Imagine what it would feel like to receive intuitive messages and downloads that guide you through your daily life. When you develop your intuition, you will find yourself able to work from a place of free flow and trust, rather than feeling that you need to have everything under your control.

What Are Intuitive Insights?

Working with my intuitive insights has allowed me to create the life that was once on my vision board. Following your intuition is all about trusting yourself. The only way to develop that unwavering trust is through practice.

Our intuitive skills are all inside of us. It is always there to guide, protect, and develop us. Intuition is the wisdom inside of you. It’s a way the universe helps you and guides you towards the things you desire. When you follow it, you are guided towards the best version of yourself. 

It’s a gut feeling, a gentle voice of truth, an intuitive flash, or just a strong inner knowing.

Intuitive insights are the process where people use their spiritual abilities to make decisions. While intuition is gradual and more developed, insights usually involve snippets of information that build within ourselves.

Intuitive insights give us a holistic view of things. We can develop and leverage it to make wiser, soul-inspired decisions.  

Are We Intuitive?

Have you ever been thinking about someone – and out of the blue that person calls or sends you a text message?

Or have you felt like someone is watching you – and you turn around to see someone staring at you from a distance?

Intuitive skills are all inside of us. We rely on the power of intuition from the early stages of life. This is because as children, we live and act on our true feelings. But society tells us otherwise. We were taught to push our feelings aside and rely on our conscious minds only. The more we do this, the less we tend to listen to that little voice or feeling. 

Children are more focused on the present world around them and how it influences their emotions. And by doing this, children build the connection between themselves and the world around them. 

As we grow into adulthood, we lose sight of the little details, simplicities, and small pieces of information that bring us insights. As we mature, we stop being so sensitive. We tell ourselves that ghosts are not real. We lose our ability to access our intuition once self-doubt arises.

And like any other skill, when you stop using it, you can lose it. A muscle must move, a brain must think, and that holds for the intuitive process. 

Ways We Receive Intuitive Messages

We are naturally connected to our intuitive and psychic abilities when we are little. These gifts are a part of our true spiritual nature and as children we have not yet taken in all of the societal and family beliefs that creates separation from our inherent spiritual abilities. 

As children, we notice things easily. We see more, hear more, and feel more. These abilities help us make meaningful decisions later in life. We discover our soul’s purpose when we trust in ourselves. We become the highest version of ourselves. Our psychic gifts enable us to move safely through the world. 

But as we are older, society tells us to stop being sensitive. We push our feelings aside and choose rationality. Because of this mindset, we start questioning our emotions and intuition. We suppress our gifts, ignore our clairvoyance, and accept that the spiritual realm doesn’t exist. 

One of the ways we download intuitive messages is through our clairvoyance. This “clear seeing” is the ability to see visions and mental messages through our 3rd eye. 

As clairvoyants, we can interpret  vivid dreams, images, and pictures as flashes. Our intuition helps us decipher these messages and find meaning in them. 

These messages are usually symbolic and metaphoric. For example, if I see a client carrying heavy luggage or drowning, then it might mean that they are shouldering a heavy burden. Or if a client is looking for new opportunities, I might see them fishing – with lots of little fish coming their way. 

Honing Your Intuition as an Empaths

How many times have you found yourself understanding the feelings of others before they even told you what they are feeling? 

This is often a sign of an intuitive empath. An intuitive empath is someone who has great skills when it comes to reading people and who feels the energies around them at the highest levels. 

Intuitive empaths are often impacted by the energies of the world around them. This can become quite overwhelming at times, and for those who do not understand what is happening.

Empaths are highly sensitive individuals who have the keen ability to sense what people around them are thinking and feeling. Intuition is beneficial for empaths to develop their abilities. Intuitive empaths are empaths that combine their ability to understand people’s feelings with their deep sense of intuition. 

Tapping into intuitive insights helps empathic people broaden their perspectives and see situations from a different point of view. This helps empaths make the right decisions regardless of their emotional stance.

And to do this, you need to understand that your inner feelings are a great spiritual tool. When combined with your intuitive insights, you can have control of your emotions and manage your sensitivities. 

Recognizing that you are an empath is the first step to taking charge of your emotions and intuitive abilities. In a world where people struggle to identify and process their emotions, yours seems like a superpower.

Through consistent practice, you can harness your skills and gain full access to your limitless spiritual power. 

As you develop your intuition, you will find yourself in the flow more often. You’ll be able to communicate with the universe instead of feeling like you need to plan, predict, and control everything. 

Life isn’t something you can fail at and it doesn’t have to feel like a struggle. Remember you are connected to something much bigger than you – and start to believe that everything in the universe is rigged to your favor. 

Jen Gilchrist

Jen Gilchrist

An Entrepreneur for 22 years and a Spiritual Mentor for 11 years, Jen Gilchrist has gone from Struggling Single Mom to a multiple 6-figure Business Owner making money doing what she loves and empowering others to do the same.

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