Factors Associated with Acculturative Stress among Students

What is Acculturative Stress?

Acculturative stress is described as a decrease in individuals undergoing acculturation’s health status (psychological, physical, and social aspects). There is proper evidence that interrelates these health-related issues with acculturation. When two or more culturally diverse groups come together, both cultural and psychological change occurs.

Changes in values, cultural attitudes, and the separation of migrating groups from family are common acculturative pressures. Due to a sense of isolation, some students experience anxiety and panic attacks, making them vulnerable to mental health issues. One can include many details to make an essay longer with words of no value. To assist you in understanding the essential points, we have compiled a list of seven primary variables that cause acculturation:

5 Major Factors Associated with Acculturative Stress among Students

The 5 major factors that contribute to acculturative stress among students are:

1.    Age

One’s age heavily influences the rate of acculturation. As compared to younger children, adolescents and older teens are more likely to have significant problems as a result of developmental challenges. The younger the age, the fewer challenges an acculturating individual will face during their transition.

People who begin their acculturation later in life, on the other hand, appear to be in greater danger. Younger pupils are more likely to be socially involved than older students, making adapting to a new culture easier. They grow more adaptable to new situations and have fewer problems dealing with change.

2.    Gender

Females are more prone than males to face higher levels of stress. Females from male-dominated civilizations are more likely to experience such situations. Many people may feel anxious about adjusting to an independent lifestyle. Gender disparities are not practiced in modern and more developed countries like the United States, and women are empowered.

Due to a culture of equality, working for American women may not be tough, but for Asian women or those from other cultures, it might be a significant struggle. Furthermore, relocating to a new nation is stressful, and adjusting without social support can be difficult.

3.    Marital Status

Being single can be stressful, making you feel lonely and isolated. Those who have their spouse’s support perform better than those opposed to furthering their education or employment. Because of their spouse’s support, a student who marries inside a new culture may experience less stress.

Women, in general, have significant challenges in continuing their education after marriage. The culture of a society has a significant role here. For some students, being married or living with family may come at a cost when dealing with the changes, leading to acculturation.

4.    Socio-Economic Status

An individual’s social class, income, and occupation, among other things, can all play a role in acculturative stress. Those from low-income families are more likely to have complexes and struggle to adapt to new cultures. They may feel undervalued and stuck in trouble if they do not have financial security. Moral support is also vital to boost morale in this situation.

It might lead to feelings of worthlessness or contribute to the burden of dealing with financial difficulties. It is a major source of stress and has the potential to cause deviant behavior. Individuals from low-income backgrounds feel abandoned in non-supportive and discriminating communities.

5.    Close deadlines & Busy Schedule

Student life comes with many responsibilities, especially when pursuing higher-level education. You are assigned tons of assignments and might not be able to balance your routine properly. It can induce depressive moods and affect every aspect of a student’s life. Some students are sleep deprived, especially when dealing with exam stress.

The acculturative stress occurs due to busy routines since students are not in the right state of mind. The added pressure of not being able to get good grades makes them feel burdened and misunderstood. There should be a way to talk it out, so students do not feel isolated. Students who follow timetables tend to have better control over their life. It helps them perform all tasks in a well-organized manner.

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Which Individual is Most Likely to Experience Acculturative Stress?

Acculturative stress is quite common, especially among ethnic minorities and immigrants. Some students who travel to another country for education have to deal with anti-immigration sentiments from the receiving party. Individuals with low socioeconomic levels confront similar challenges, and their efforts may go unnoticed in group settings.

Homesick hostel residents may develop depressive moods and begin to feel isolated. When attempting to adapt or adjust to new customs and environments, the cultural divide causes numerous challenges. It affects older pupils more than younger kids, and it all adds to their stress levels.


Many factors contribute to acculturative stress and impact students’ performance. It is critical to understand such concerns to address them on time for a better future.

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