Answered: What Can I Do with a Psychology Degree?

The person, who has a psychology degree, usually specializes in the laws, forms, and manifestations of mental phenomena and states of personality, on the characteristics of human psychological development. He or she can both engage in research activities, as well as apply the obtained knowledge in practice. For example, it might be necessary to provide advice, to work with personnel in enterprises and institutions.

Careers in Psychology Opportunities in a Changing World

The life quality of every modern person is, in most cases, affected not just by the physical condition, but also by psychological health or a state of mind. Following the specialists of, in recent years, this idea has got as dangerous entrenchment in the minds of contemporary men and women. This is an explanation why careers in psychology become more and more important year after year. Psychologists are thought to be a so-called useful tool, which is used all around the planet for solving many internal problems. 

As a rule, a person cannot cope with all of them, so he or she has to ask the specialist for help. In most cases, the psychologists work with doctors or use their knowledge to create a comfortable psychological climate in various organizations. Usually, the activity in the sphere of psychology demands a sufficient level of awareness. The absence of severe internal contradictions in the psychologist’s inner world is also rather essential. Therefore, in practice, it is usually preceded or accompanied by a visit by a specialist to own a psychotherapist.

The Essential Features of the Profession

As it has been known quite well, psychologists are men, and women who always work with other people. The specialists who have careers in developmental psychology as well as careers in social psychology should follow professional ethics, and the well-know principal “do not harm” unconditionally. Following the professional experience, it is possible to say that the psychological problems of the potential clients almost always have their roots in the past. Even experienced professionals in careers in organizational psychology can have some issues or hesitations with understanding them correctly. Thus, the profession usually requires additional education and regular advanced training. 

The primary duties of a modern psychologist are the following:

1) Evaluation of the psychological condition and processes, personal characteristics, and the level of mental development of a person himself/herself as well as the psychological climate in general.

2) Providing of professional assistance to potential patients in resolving various kinds of intrapersonal problems.

3) Psychological diagnostics, result processing, and psychological portraits creation.

4) Various kinds of correctional work for eliminating deviations from healthy psychological development.

5) Preventive work that concerns deviations in psychological development.

6) Career guidance activities.

7) Different services for the organizations, which require a favorable psychological climate among the workers. Under this condition, the psychologist may help in personnel selection, conflict resolution, working with some dysfunctional families, etc.

8) Helping other specialists in dealing with specific categories. For example, people with various addictions, numerous victims of domestic violence, etc.

9) Professional researches and experiments which are aimed at developing new knowledge in the corresponding.

10) The presence of high level of empathy and the ability to distance from the patients’ problems, not allowing them to affect their psychological state seriously.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Having a Psychology Degree

Following the experts from, the psychology degree, as well as careers in psychology in general, has its advantages and disadvantages. Here is the list of the most typical pros and cons of the profession of psychologists.

Advantages of working in the area of psychology: 

– Socially significant profession. The specialist is usually appreciated much in society.

– The ability to help people who have got into trouble.

– An exciting work in which there is no routine.

– Decent wages all around the world.

Disadvantages of working in the area of psychology: 

– University education will not be enough for successful practice.

– The constant necessity to improve the current level of knowledge. 

– Low income at the beginning of a career or when working in state-owned enterprises.

– Emotionally exhausting and challenging profession.

Important Personal Qualities for the Person with a Psychology Degree

Empathy is the essential quality for a psychologist. However, in practice, it does not mean that the specialist who has chosen the careers in psychology should immerse in understanding with each client and give the appropriate piece of advice. 

The psychologist’s task is to help a person who is in trouble, find answers to his or her questions, and not to impose the professional point of view. Therefore, emotional stability, impartiality, the ability to think without value judgments, observation, tact, and responsibility are also crucial to this kind of specialist. Without these qualities, it would be too difficult to occupy the vacancy of a psychologist and adequately fulfill the demanded duties.

The Most Typical Places of Work for People with a Psychology Degree

Who a psychologist is, and what this specialist does are questions, the answers to which depend on the place of this person’s work. Today, counseling psychologists who conduct their practice are very popular. Scientific specialists in careers in organizational psychology are working in educational institutions and research institutes. At the same time, psychologists, who are working in schools, private and public companies, should not be forgotten. – One way or another, all these people have to be responsible for the atmosphere in the team. Besides, clinical psychologists are working in medical institutions together with doctors (for this, primary education at a university as a psychologist is not enough; it is necessary to undergo additional studies).

Taking into account all the information mentioned above, it is possible to conclude that a psychology degree is significant in modern society. Contemporary people have a lot of emotional problems, and they need a qualified assistant to help them. However, men and women, who are going to study in this destination, should be ready for constant study and the improvement of the current level of knowledge. Only under these conditions, it will be possible to succeed and become a perfect specialist in the chosen sphere. 

Careers in Psychology with a bachelor's degree

Bachelor and Masters degree almost equally allow you to develop your career in the psychological sphere. However, a lot depends on the specialization you want to enter. Generally, bachelor would not allow you to get a teaching position but will surely help you in assisting professional psychologists. Careers in psychology with a bachelor’s degree that you might consider for yourself may be the following: 


1. Counseling assistant. Allows you to work with professionals and gain more experience. 

2. Psychiatric Technician. This position would allow you to learn more about mental health. 

3. Rehabilitation Specialist. Allows you to work with people who need to recover from physical or mental injuries. 

4. Counselor. You might not be able to start your own business but to consult for some organization might be an option. 


1. Lab Assistant. If you are interested in the applied research, this is a potential career for you. 


1. Teacher. If you get a teaching certificate you may become a pre or mid-school teacher. 


1. Career Counselor. Allows you to help people in choosing their way of life. 

2. Sales Representative. Almost every company is looking for a sales manager that knows psychology. 

3. Human Resource Manager. Every company needs good employees and you may be very helpful in that. 


1. Advertising Agent. Very interesting way to gain more experience in marketing. 

2. Market Researcher. Many organizations need a professional for conducting marketing analysis and psychologists fit almost the best. 

Social Assistance

1. Case Manager. This career will allow you to resolve tough situations people may have. 

2. Child Care Worker. This mainly calls for partial care work and work with children. 

3. Social Service Worker. Positions in this sphere will be helpful for getting to know how to work with everyday issues people have. 


1. Policy Officer. If you are interested in tracking policies,  this job is definitely for you. 


1. Writer. Psychological background may help you create fascinating novels and not only that. 

This is definitely not the full list of opportunities but at least you will get an idea where you can potentially move. 

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