Sandra Cisneros underscored a few noteworthy pictures in “Eleven”. These pictures are a red sweater and a cake for birthday of a young lady. These pictures were one of a kind since they helped me to remember my adolescence. I felt that the portrayal of the young lady was my own portrayal about the troubles and difficulties of my life. I connected the red sweater with the hatred and judgment, communicated by my cohorts and educators. Likewise, I viewed the cake for birthday as the image of kid joy and jollity. I had an assortment of emotions in the youth, and these two pictures made me consider them.

There was a distinction in my comprehension of the story between understanding it and hearing it read so anyone might hear. At the point when I was perusing the story, I envisioned a young lady. She was portraying the story from her life, and her voice was whimsical. I comprehended her feelings and inward sentiments, and I contrasted the portrayal of this young lady with my adolescence.

At the point when I heard Sandra Cisneros read “Eleven”, it didn’t sound the manner in which it did in my psyche. I heard the voice of a grown-up, and it changed my comprehension of crafted by writing. She concentrated on specific snapshots of the story. For instance, she put an accentuation on the exchange between the educator and young lady, and it amplified the highlights of show. At the point when I was perusing crafted by writing, I focused on the inward sentiments of the primary character as opposed to underscoring the subtleties of the discussion between the characters.

The story bewildered and flabbergasted me. The creator portrayed the genuine conditions of learning at the school. Certain minutes from “Eleven” made me consider my youth, my learning at the kindergarten and school. The mishap in life of the little kid was like those in my life. I confronted a ton of difficulties, and numerous cohorts didn’t get me and my tendency. I was exceptionally modest, and instructors didn’t understand why I acted right now.

I delighted in the portrayal of applicable social issues all around the globe. I preferred the way how the creator uncovered the issues of defamation and separation. She underlined that derision could rise with no causes. The creator shows that the gathering of individuals and kids could pick an unfortunate casualty falsely.

“Eleven” by Sandra Cisneros includes a few shocking pictures. The most distinctive ones are a red sweater and a cake for glad birthday of the young lady. I picked these pictures since they were associated with a mind-blowing occasions. The picture of “a revolting red sweater with red plastic catches and a neckline and sleeves” symbolizes the force, which a few people have over a specific one (Cisneros 71). At the point when I was an understudy at the school, a portion of my cohorts ridiculed me. The youngsters mortified me, and I recall all the instances of terrorizing. That is the reason I viewed the red sweater as a genuine image of tormenting at the school.

Another picture of “Eleven” is a cake for glad birthday. The cake symbolizes the bliss and delight of the little kids. Only one out of every odd kid has a ton of cheerful minutes throughout its life, yet its birthday is consistently the greatest and most joyful festival in the adolescence. My learning at the kindergarten and school was not all that happy as a result of the awful disposition of certain kids and educators to me. In any case, I trusted that I would be glad during the festival of my birthday. The cake is one of the components of this day in my life. That is the reason this picture is remarkable for me.

Anton Kurapov

Anton Kurapov

PhD, a professor assistant at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. Fascinated by the role of psychology in lives of people and simply astonished by the complexity of the brain and its functions.

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