What can you do with Master's in Psychology?

First, determine the field of activity in which you prefer to work.  Analyze what you like to do most of all, and what you do best within the framework of this specialty. Think if you would like to deal with children, criminals, or  sick people.

Choose the direction you are interested in and make the first step to your future success.  It is a crucial decision because you can become a good specialist only in the sphere you like. 

Career in Psychology

“How to find high paying jobs with a bachelor’s in psychology?” 

Before answering this question, you should think carefully and choose the direction you want to work in.

Scientific and experimental psychology

Specialists in this field conduct experiments and study the reaction of people afterward. They write articles for scientific journals, take their Ph.D., and join various kinds of psychology graduate programs. To do this, they initially study in graduate school and then move up to the scientific and teaching career. 

Social and personal psychology

It’s about the work of a psychologist who consults, provides clients with practical assistance, helps them to understand awkward situations, and find a successful way out of it. 

Clinical psychology

Masters in clinical psychology are of the most significant demand. However, not everybody understands the peculiar features of this profession. A psychologist specializing in this area works in a clinic. The circle of his or her patients includes sick people, for example, drug addicts, alcoholics, people trying to commit suicide, clients experiencing stress after losing a child during pregnancy or childbirth, people left without an arm or leg, etc. 

Pedagogical psychology

Psychologists usually provide advice to children and their parents in educational institutions (schools, kindergartens, colleges, technical schools, etc.), as well as in the system of law enforcement agencies.

Business psychology

Psychologists use psychological laws to affect workplace behavior. They aim to achieve top performance and job satisfaction of employees. They may work in consulting services as well as in-house employees. Business Psychologists are also engaged in evaluating corporate culture and creating a healthy work environment. Their work can be related to human resources, sales, and market research.

How to start a successful career with a Psychology degree

As a rule,  people try to find an excellent job by their profession. Are you going to search for a profession with a Master’s degree in Psychology? – We will help you then. Here is a list of the essential steps recommended by professional psychologists. All in all, the algorithm is quite simple, but you have to follow it carefully.

Initially, it is necessary to define a tight circle of places where your professional skills may be in demand. Naturally, everything depends on your background. Send as many resumes as you can. After that, try to sign up for job interviews. Perhaps, you will not get a good job immediately, but the interview practice is also essential. You will learn how to introduce yourself properly.

Do you know any people who are involved in this sphere? – What about talking with them? – Sometimes your friends and acquaintances provide a lot of vital information about job opportunities. Finally, do not forget to look for any available vacancies on the Internet. By the way, some employment centers are always ready to offer you something.

Additional tips for people with Master's degree in Psychology

A search algorithm represented above is considered to be a universal one but if you want to find a well-paid position, it is necessary to try something more than basic steps. 

Also, you should not set too high aims for a vacancy. The ambitiousness is a good thing, of course, but the first job with a high salary sounds like a miracle. In general, experience shows that the best option would be to work for one year at some low-paying job, for example, in a school or medical institution. In such a way, you will gain experience, and then, having the right starting positions in education and experience will give an opportunity to apply for more prestigious places.

In some cases you will need to take advanced training courses in addition to your Master’s diploma. Extra knowledge will give you additional advantages in the labor market. It’s better to choose but practical courses, preferably with subsequent employment. 

Stay organized. Make a plan on how you can start working as a psychologist, what places to visit, and whom to talk to. The more active you are in the search process, the higher your chances to be noticed and hired.

Be flexible as to job opportunities. Agree on suitable options, even if at first you have not thought about them at all. You need to gain experience at first. 

Make a resume that will set you apart from the crowd and prepare well for interviews.

Anton Kurapov

Anton Kurapov

PhD, a professor assistant at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. Fascinated by the role of psychology in lives of people and simply astonished by the complexity of the brain and its functions.

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