A psychology degree is an essential point and an excellent opportunity to start a career not only in science, but in arts as well. It might give you a range of skills and knowledge and opens up opportunities for getting the best job positions.

Clinical psychology is a combination of science, theory, and clinical knowledge, the goal of which is an understanding, preventing, and releasing psychologically-based distress or dysfunction, and the subjective promotion of well-being and personal development.

How to Become a Clinical Psychologist?

Masters in clinical psychology have a wide variety of skills and knowledge that they use to help their patients to improve their overall quality of life by assisting them in dealing with the problems they are facing.

To Become a Clinical Psychologist, You Need

– to complete a Bachelor’s degree where psychology will be the main subject as there are no degrees in clinical psychology that exist at the bachelor’s level;

– to complete a Master’s degree and try to combine it with a Doctoral degree as it takes less time but gives more priorities;

– to earn a Doctorate. There are two options: to become the PhD or the PsyD. Choose a suitable one. To understand the difference between PhD and PsyD, read here; complete clinical training if the state requires it. Some of them have the requirements for future clinical psychologists to be specialized in areas, such as child psychology or gerontology;

– to become licensed and certified. Licensure requirements are different in each state but generally very common. It includes graduating from an accredited doctoral program, completing a set number of hours in observed training, and successfully passing examinations.

Clinical Psychology Programs

The clinical psychology programs vary from school/college programs to doctoral, such as PhD or PsyD. When deciding to become a clinical psychologist, you should start your education by earning a general education at the psychology school. 

Best schools for clinical psychology are represented in many states as well as online. Psychologyschoolguide.net provides the best guide and shows the best schools for clinical psychology. Such programs prepare future clinical psychologists for work as with individual clients or families who need psychiatric care. These clinical psychology programs also provide the necessary practice and further training in the chosen specialization. 

Clinical Psychology Master's Programs

These are available all over the world. Many such programs have a wide range of priorities and, for example, using bestcollegereviews.org, you might find the most suitable clinical psychology program for you, considering the distance from home, main subjects, and so on.

One of the well-known universities that suggest best clinical psychology masters programs is Duke University. It has a large variety of faculties and departments, and clinical psychology is among them. Duke university clinical psychology program is the best variant for those who are interested in excellent skills and knowledge, as well as in academic, scientific, and clinical training. 

Duke university clinical psychology program is fully accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA) and by the Psychological Clinical Science Accreditation System (PCSAS). It suggests an extensive history of training based on the supervisor (scientist or practitioner) model. It recently has adopted a clinical science model of training where the field of psychology and its clinical use are reciprocally interdependent and mutually developing.

Masters in Psychology Online

Psychology is an ever-growing sphere. Masters in clinical psychology help those who have mental illness and need the qualified help of a professional. Education and excellent skills and knowledge are an essential part of such a professional’s job. One way clinical psychologists advance their degree is by earning a master’s in psychology online.

Bestcollegereviews.org  suggests an online list of psychology masters programs that might help to choose the best variant for you.

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Harvard Online Master's Psychology

One of these online clinical psychology masters programs is available at Harvard University. Harvard University offers an online ALM (master of liberal arts) in psychology. Thus, this Harvard online masters psychology program is not fully online. It includes 12 courses, three of which must be completed on campus.  You should know that three of the 12 courses must be completed before you are accepted to the program, and you can register for them without applying to the program. You have to pass these three courses with a B or higher if you want to enter the program. For more additional information, visit extension.harvard.edu.

Top Clinical Psychology Programs

You might be interested in these top clinical psychology programs if you are interested in becoming a clinical psychologist. You have to earn a doctorate in clinical psychology to become licensed and certified.  If you are interested in earning PsyD, visit bestcounselingdegrees.net and select a suitable program for you. But if you want to obtain a PhD, you should visit successfulstudent.org  where you can find the top clinical psychology programs.

What Can You Do with a Master's in Psychology?

Those who are masters in clinical psychology have a wide range of relevant professions in the modern world. This educational degree can provide work opportunities in many areas, such as education, business, health services, and social work. Masters in clinical psychology can also work as therapists and counselors.

Jobs for Masters in Psychology

Masters in clinical psychology have open doors to many career spheres and can work as:

– Executive coach

– Media psychologist

– Psychology professor

– Behavior analyst

– Child care worker

– Human service worker

– Hospital patient service representative

– Legal psychologist

– Statistical assistant

– Community recreation worker

– Victims advocate, and so on.

To find a job, you can use locumtenens.com.

Salary of Master in Psychology

Using the data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average clinical psychologist’s salary is $86,350 per year. It varies from different factors, such as:

Level of education. The higher degree you obtain, the more money you will earn, on average.

Years of experience. The greater your seniority, the higher the average salary will be.

Work setting. If you work out of your private practice, you will earn more than those who work in academia or research.

Summing up, we can say that being masters in clinical psychology, students may get better job opportunities as well as earn an excellent salary by helping those who need it. If you decide to become a master in clinical psychology, you have to think ahead: you have to choose the best psychology school/college that suits your wishes and demands. You have to select the university that will allow you to earn, at least, a bachelor’s degree.

Then you have to obtain a master’s degree, and at the end, you will have to complete PsyD or PhD, and become licensed and certificated. It is a long and hard way, but if you are fond of psychology, it is worth it.

Anton Kurapov

Anton Kurapov

PhD, a professor assistant at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. Fascinated by the role of psychology in lives of people and simply astonished by the complexity of the brain and its functions.

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