Being a dedicated team of Ukrainian writers, we do our best to provide top-quality content that brings value to our readers. We strive for perfection creating our blog articles that answer your questions about psychology. By the way, we love our project so much that we keep working on it even under continuous missile attacks. 

We’ve created this page because now our success largely depends on you, our dear readers. Since our website is not monetized yet, we can’t produce much content in current war circumstances.

That’s why we need your support more than ever before.  By making a small donation, you can help us stay on a track and pursue our passion – psychology. What’s more, your funds can  support noble Ukrainian soldiers who fight against Russian aggression with unbelievable braveness and dignity. 

If you want to become a part of history where the light wins over the darkness, feel free to donate to our project, so that our Ukrainian team can keep working on it. 

Sincerely yours, 
Anton, Svitlana, Oleksii 

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